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Dissatisfaction with the un-ergonomic factory forward cant of the Safariland duty holsters led us to methodically evaluate the optimal fore-aft positioning (cant) of the holster in relation to the Universal Belt Loop and belt.

The Negative Cant Plate (NCP-E and NCP) is a culmination of testing and data-driven innovation designed to enhance the speed and efficiency of the draw from the holster both standing, seated in a vehicle and in non-conventional positions. When used in conjunction with Safariland’s Quick Locking System plate and fork, the NCP is adjustable through approximately 10° (exact range depends on specific holster) of negative cant.

Negative Cant Plate with equipment mount (NCP-E) adds a low profile mounting platform on the anterior of the holster body with hole pattern compatible with Safariland ELS plates, 1110 Gear tourniquet pouches, Bladetech, MALICE clips and many more aftermarket products.

While it will work with any Safariland holster with the standard three hole mounting pattern, the Negative Cant Plate with Equipment mount (NCP-E) is optimized for the Red Dot Sight series of holsters (6360RDS etc). With non RDS style holsters, there may be a gap between the equipment plate and anterior face of the holster. This is purely aesthetic and will not impact function.

Where the equipment mounting feature is not required, the NCP is available.


316 Stainless Steel
Laser Engraved Markings


Requires no modification to holster or Universal Belt Loop
Constructed of stainless steel suitable for harsh operational environments
Coated in durable Cerakote
Mounting hardware included
Designed by The_Theory_Police
Made in Canada

Additional information

Weight 0.2 lbs
Right or Left

Left Handed, Right Handed


Black, OD Green, Tan

53 comments on “Negative Cant Plate + Equipment Mount”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Freaking amazing. Thanks.

  2. Matthew says:

    Works well attached a TQ holder

  3. Donyale Richard says:
  4. Blake Osborne says:

    A brilliant piece of equipment that will enhance the biomechanics of a shooter and great way to consolidate gear and make it more efficient. Very well made and simple to install. Shipped out in fast! High quality company!

  5. Jeremy J. says:

    Looks solid and feels well made. They sent me a right hand one by accident when I ordered a left. Customer Service so far is great and the Left handed NCP to ship out Monday. I’m excited to try it out.

  6. Zach says:

    The QLS system is pretty much a requirement in order to get this to work the best way possible. So now I wait for that to get shipped.

  7. Levi Walker says:

    Excellent product! A bit pricey and was not clear that it would need an additional component to achieve negative cant.

  8. Charles Martin says:

    Absolutely fantastic piece of gear! Easy to install, frees up valuable space on your belt while keeping a life saving tourniquet at the ready.

  9. Morgan S. says:

    Easy to install and Sturdy design holds up to the abuse. I weigh 270 lbs and have done ground fighting with most of my weight on that side and it’s still as good as new. Use mine to mount a tourniquet and it’s easily accessible with rather hand and opens up some much needed space on my duty belt.

  10. Jared P. says:

    Worked Perfect with my Safariland 6378RDS. My tourniquet holder sits right where I wanted it to, the whole setup is very strong and it still remains streamline.

  11. Colton Parchem says:
  12. Nicholas Michels says:
  13. Brandon Alston says:
  14. Ian says:

    This is a well built product with a great design. I definitely will order again in the future.

  15. Hunter says:

    Product was exactly as expected. Shipping was fast AF. This is my 2nd purchase from centrifuge and its been great both times.

  16. Richard says:

    Great company

  17. Tommy H. says:

    Very quick shipping and great product!

  18. Christopher Graham says:

    I ordered it on a Tuesday and received it on Friday. It fit my safariland holster perfectly and I only had to use the screws that were on my holster. Great product! Thanks!!

  19. Jason says:

    NCP + equipment mount is exactly what I needed. Communication from the company was awesome. Shipping was fast. The product works perfectly. Make sure you know what holster you have and that it will work with this product. The safariland 7000 series are a little different than the 6000 series. The product works great with the 6000 series but you may need to get some extra washers for a 7000 series. I will update my review if anything changes.

  20. Jonathon P. says:

    Very well designed. Installation was simple. Product was shipped and arrived much sooner than expected. Overall very satisfied!

  21. Francisco Mezquita says:

    Great upgrade to my belt

  22. Conner says:

    Very fast shipping and good email updates. Happy with NCP as I continue to train and run it.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I ordered the part for my holster and got it in a few days you guys did great thank you

  24. Steven Bubnes says:

    Centrifuge always gets the product shipped and to me extremely fast!
    The equipment mount installs easily and frees up valuable space in my duty belt. I HIGHLY recommend it!

  25. Dakota B. says:

    Awesome attachment in addition to having a Safariland QLS, allows you to get the perfect amount of cant for your draw. I attached a eleven 10 tourniquet holder to it!

  26. Juan B. says:

    Made my draw feel smoother and allowed me to run the holster further forward on my belt. I was impressed on how simple it’s made to install and how easy the instructions are to follow. Plus I’m very appreciative that us left handed guys weren’t neglected from a great product🤙

  27. Anonymous says:

    Arrived fast, and works great.

  28. Dewayne Bigham says:

    My mount shipped out the day after my order was placed. It arrived two days later. It was installed by my agency training division so I would be within policy and the change in draw angle is amazing. Thank you guys at Centrifuge for the gear and the training. I look forward to many more classes and pieces of proven equipment.

  29. Brandon says:

    Great product, may want to switch to non-crushable shipping packages. Receive mine with a nice bend.

  30. Kyle S. says:

    Fantastic product, super fast shipping.

  31. Mark L. says:

    great product and fast shipping

  32. Eric says:

    Awesome product and awesome service. Fast shipping with easy to follow instructions.

  33. Matthew M. says:

    Fantastic product , great shipping even with these times. Lots of officers in my department plan to buy this or the previous version. Great for officers who have a smaller waist to save space

  34. Laurence says:

    I tried the negative cant on my safari duty holster, but I just did not like how I had to exert my shoulder and lower body to remove my firearm. (I am 180 lbs and 5-11 with prior shoulder injuries.)

    I just left the Cant to its original design, so there was no need to return the item. Overall it works well with the tourniquet holder.

  35. Jason H. says:

    Great product to get the TQ in a good spot and get rid of the ridiculous Safariland forward can’t. Solid mount. Fast shipping. Thanks Centrifuge, Blackbox and our northern brothers The Theory Police!

  36. Jeramie says:

    Great product. Solid construction, adjustable to exactly where you want your draw. Bonus that you can carry an extra piece of gear without it taking up belt space.

  37. Matthew S. says:

    Product is well made and finish is great. I love the ability to mount equipment in front of the holster. The only thing I’m not sure about is the ten degree cant angle. To me that is a preference thing and not the products fault. I will run it for a few more weeks but I will probably end up getting the normal angle bracket.

  38. Dennis R. says:

    Couldn’t be more satisfied with the quality of the NCP. Looking forward to get the reps in and transition this into everyday gear on the street.

  39. Lou says:

    Fast delivery

  40. Tyler says:

    Great product.

  41. Brandon S. says:

    This is a must have if you’re switching from a 6360 series to a 6390 series this will make the holster feel more natural and comfortable.

  42. Jonathan George says:
  43. Jaziah Hawkins says:

    I ordered a LEFT handed plate and received a RIGHT handed in the mail. ! awesome

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