The Company

The centrifuge is a simple yet effective machine.  It can be found in laboratories rotating at high speeds utilized as a process of discovery, isolating and refining its contents.

It is this same systematic, data driven approach Centrifuge, LLC utilizes in delivering pragmatic solutions to the modern problem solver.

As a law enforcement driven company Centrifuge, LLC specializes in vehicle based tactics (VCQB), low light and structure problem solving, K-9 integration, performance based skill building, range development / management / operations, instructor development and product consulting.

Our Instructors

William Petty

William Petty began his Law Enforcement career in 2003 in Albuquerque, NM. While there he served as a Firearms Instructor, an Emergency Response Team member, and was also a member of the department’s shooting team.  In 2011, Petty relocated to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates where he worked as a Counter-Terrorism Instructor with the Critical National Infrastructure Authority.

In 2013 (to present) he returned to the U.S. and resumed law enforcement with his department in Texas.  While there he worked patrol and ran the firearms programs for several large regional Police academies.

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He has and continues to run contract courses establishing various programs and in-service material for major local, state, and federal departments in the US and Canada.

Chase Jenkins

Chase began his law enforcement career in 1992.  During his 25 year career, he served in various units and fields of the profession.  Early on he was tasked with providing training for his department during in-service training. During this time Chase was assigned to the Housing Authority which was a unit responsible for patrolling public housing.  The unit was awarded numerous citations for its programs and initiative.  The unit worked closely with the Narcotics unit by enforcing street level narcotics activity and serving search and arrest warrants.  After that Chase served as a detective in the Robbery/Homicide Unit.  As his career progressed he began providing training to outside agencies and military personnel.  During this time Chase was instrumental in creating and implementing the Tactical Unit in his department where he served as the assistant team leader and one of the training officers. Chase assisted other departments with their training and standing up tactical units.  

Chase taught at the regional academy for years as well as taught blocks of instruction in the F.B.I. / APOSTC Firearms Instructor Certification / Re-certification classes.  

Chase has attended countless hours of training from numerous nationally recognized sources and believes that learning is a never-ending process.  With that philosophy in mind, he continues to attend training on a regular basis so as to stay relevant and able to pass on solid information to his students. 

Chase has authored several articles for SWAT Magazine.  Talon Defense and its courses have been featured in numerous print and internet magazines as well. 

Chase is currently a sworn/active deputy at a large Sheriff's Office in Alabama where his primary duties are providing advanced training and assisting in operations at the training facility.

Blake Buchanan

Blake began his law enforcement career in 2011 in Western North Carolina. Throughout his career he has served in Patrol, CID, SRT, and as Unit Supervisor over a multi-jurisdictional narcotics task force.

During this time, Blake served in various training roles to include, FTO/FTO Supervisor, and as an instructor in firearms and tactics at the academy and in-service level, as well as regionally for various tactical teams and specialty units.

Currently, Blake serves in a sworn/part-time capacity as a Firearms Instructor, overseeing firearms training and standards for his agency, while working as a full-time instructor for Centrifuge Training LLC.

Dan Smith

Dan has been a police officer for an agency in the pacific northwest for over 10 years. He is currently assigned as a K9 handler, working in patrol, detection, and SWAT roles. In addition to K9, he has served on a Multi-Jurisdictional Regional SWAT team for the last 5 years. He is a CJTC certified firearms instructor in handgun, shotgun, and patrol rifle, and currently serves as the lead firearms instructor for both his agency and the SWAT Team. As a lead instructor for his agency, he developed the training for, and approval of RDS equipped pistols for duty use. Dan served for six years in the Marine Corps, with a deployment to Iraq in 2005. He also holds a B.A. in Criminal Justice from Washington State University.   

Josh Townsend

Josh Townsend began his career in law enforcement in 2007 in Northern California. In his department, he served as a member of the Crisis Response Team and was an Entry Operator and Firearms instructor. In 2012, Josh relocated to Colorado where he is currently assigned to his agency's Gang Unit, SWAT team, and Instructor Cadre. He serves as a SWAT sniper and entry team member, a SWAT instructor, and is a department Lead Instructor for Firearms, Active Killing, Rescue Task Force, Building Searches, VCQB, and High-Risk Vehicle Stops. In his spare time, he works as a department armorer, and with his extensive knowledge of weapons systems has been tasked with bringing the most current equipment and technology to his department.

With over ten years of SWAT experience, a passion for training, and a penchant for teaching (and sarcasm), Josh is sought out as an adjunct instructor for basic and advanced SWAT schools where he specializes in tactics, firearms, and low light training. He has also developed officer safety curriculum and has been invited to teach at regional academies.

Kirk Waldorf

Bio will be available shortly.

Steve Dehmel

Bio will be available shortly.

Stefan Van Tassell

SVT started police work in 2005 and has experience with both municipal and federal agencies. Half of his service has been as a patrol Constable and included secondments to the firearms training team, riot control squad and as an acting patrol Sergeant. The other was on a full-time tactical unit where he cross-trained as an assaulter and LE sniper and was responsible for resolving high-risk incidents including warrant service, fugitive apprehension, and hostage rescue operations.

In that time, he was responsible for numerous instructional and operational portfolios within the SWAT team and has documented over 4900 training hours from internal and external sources. He now serves in a part-time capacity assisting both patrol and training operations for his department.

Taz Clark

Taz is a full-time police officer for a major department in Western Canada with more than seventeen years of service. He has extensive instructional experience for his organization, including both in-service and recruit training programs. In 2016, he became a lead instructor for the agency responsible for numerous portfolios to include emergency vehicle operations, less-lethal (ARWEN) instructor, master Taser® instructor and most notably responsible for updating all vehicle-based tactics for the service.

Prior to this, he was part of front-line operations for more than 9 years as a patrol Constable and an acting Sergeant, as well as a key member of the special munitions team inside the department’s riot control squad. For over fifteen years, he has continued to seek the most updated and advanced training from the highest levels of Canadian and American tactical sources.