The Company

The centrifuge is a simple yet effective machine.  It can be found in laboratories rotating at high speeds utilized as a process of discovery, isolating and refining its contents.

It is this same systematic, data driven approach Centrifuge, LLC utilizes in delivering pragmatic solutions to the modern problem solver.

As a law enforcement driven company Centrifuge, LLC specializes in vehicle based tactics (VCQB), low light and structure problem solving, K-9 integration, performance based skill building, range development / management / operations, instructor development and product consulting.

Will Petty

William Petty began his Law Enforcement career in 2003 in Albuquerque, NM. While there he served as a Firearms Instructor, an Emergency Response Team member and was also a member of the department’s shooting team.  In 2011, Petty relocated to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates where he worked as a Counter Terrorism Instructor with the Critical National Infrastructure Authority.

In 2013 (to present) he returned to the U.S. and resumed law enforcement with his department in Texas.  While there he worked patrol and ran the firearms programs for several large regional Police academies.

It is rumored that he has many leather-bound books and his apartment smells of rich mahogany.  (This of course is not true as he has a kindle).  He did however once make Mac and Cheese without the Mac. 

He has and continues to run contract courses establishing various programs and in-service material for major local, state and federal departments in the US and Canada. 

Gloria Marcott

Officer Gloria Marcott began her Law Enforcement career in 2003 in Albuquerque, NM. While there she served as a Firearms, Officer Survival, Ground Control, and Defensive Tactics Instructor.  She was also a part of the Emergency Response Team member, CNT Member, Region 1 Narcotics Detective and worked as a DEA Task Force Officer conducting Federal Narcotics Investigations for five years.  In 2015, Marcott relocated to Rio Rancho Police Department where she works as their Training Coordinator – Master Instructor.  Her focus is on Tactical Firearms, Officer Survival, Terrorism Response Tactics, and Active Shooter Response.

Dan Colasanto

Dan Colasanto graduated from the United States Military Academy in 1988 and served in the United States Army for four years before joining the Garland Police Department in 1992. Dan has served in the Patrol Division, Gang Unit, Narcotics Unit, and Quartermaster. He is currently assigned to the Patrol Division as a Patrol Lieutenant and SWAT Supervisor. He has been on the Garland Police Department for 24 years and with the S.W.A.T. Team for 21 years where he has served on the Assault Team as a Rear Guard, Point Man and Team Leader. He is the Director of Operations for the Texas Tactical Police Officers Association.

Brandon Richards

Brandon Richards is a Police Officer in Virginia currently assigned as the SWAT Team Leader for his agency.  He serves as the Tactical Training Coordinator, Firearms Instructor and lead Coxswain for his department’s Maritime Unit.  Richards instructs SWAT Basic, Patrol Response to Active Shooter Events, Lowlight Tactics and Officer Rescue.

Richards has worked at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and as an Instructor for multiple DOD programs in support of the Global War on Terrorism.  He is a Marine Corps Veteran with combat deployments to Southwest Asia.

Kevin Ross

Kevin Ross is a Senior Police Officer with the Garland Police Department. He is currently assigned as a patrol officer and is a thirteen-year member of the Special Weapons and Tactics Team. He is currently a member on the Assault Team and is serving as a Team Leader. Officer Ross has participated in numerous real world swat callouts as well as high risk warrants. Officer Ross currently teaches basic, intermediate and advanced Swat Tactics and Weapons Proficiency as well as being a certified Tactical Rifle and Tactical Pistol Instructor. Officer Ross also holds instructor certificates as an Explosive Breaching Instructor, Patrol Vehicle CQB Instructor, Master Rappel Instructor, Fast Rope Instructor and is certified as a Hazardous Materials Technician through the Department of Homeland Defense. Officer Ross provides multiple areas of instruction for the Garland Police Department, the Texas Tactical Police Officers Association, Arkansas Tactical Police Officers Association and the Texas Narcotics Officers Association. Officer Ross is a police officer with over sixteen years of experience and a former U.S. Marine with five years’ service to his country. He holds several armorer certifications to include the Colt M4 series of rifles, Glock series of pistols and Springfield Armory 1911 series pistols. Officer Ross holds several instructor certifications and is a certified TCOLE instructor and TCOLE firearms instructor. Officer Ross also provides adjunct instruction for Tiger Valley LLC.

Louis Silvestro (Bones)

Louis Silvestro is a full time Texas Peace Officer who is currently a member of his Department’s firearms training cadre. Louis has been with his Department for 15 years and has been a full time firearms instructor for 9 years. Louis has extensive experience teaching firearms related skill sets and patrol tactics to individuals & groups in the classroom setting, live role player practical application scenarios, and live-fire range and shoot-house settings. Louis helps train the approximately 3,000 sworn members of his Department, to include veteran in-service personnel, reserve officers, and new recruits in basic, intermediate and advanced firearms training. Louis is an adjunct firearms and police tactics instructor at a regional Law Enforcement Academy and owns/operates a firearms training company that works with the private sector.

Pat Doyle

21 year LEO.
DOE certified swat, firearms, defensive tactics instructor.

SWAT team member for over 18 years.
K9 unit member and supervisor
USPSA competition shooter. Grandmaster rating in production class, limited class, limited 10.
Idpa 4 gun master class
3 gun competitor
Instructor for United States shooting academy
Sponsored professional shooting team
Wilson combat 

Chuck Hinton

Chuck Hinton has a BA in Government from the University of Texas at Dallas and has been a member of a Dallas/Ft. Worth area police department for six years, including assignments in Patrol, and the Firearms Training SectionHe is currently assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division as a Detectiveserves as a Negotiator for a regional SWAT Team and is an Instructor for a regional Law Enforcement Training Academy.  

Adam Bush

Adam Bush is a 15 year law enforcement veteran.  He is the current Range Master for one of the largest regional law enforcement ranges in the DFW area.  Adam has consulted, designed, and facilitated the coordination of multiple law enforcement and private sector, live fire training facilities.  His daily functions include instructing basic police academies and in-service, armoring everything known to man and managing the day to day operations of the range and its’ staff.  While earning his B.A.A.S. in Criminal Justice he served in various roles including SRT, Use of Force Committee Member, FTO and Master Instructor.  

Bryan Veliz

Bryan began his career as a state law enforcement officer in 2012 serving as an active patrol officer for several years. Within in his first two years in the field, he was assigned as a member of his agency’s Special Response Team where he later was responsible for conducting firearms training and qualifications, as well as the instruction of both pistol and carbine weapons platforms. Bryan holds several Law Enforcement and Firearms Instructor certifications and continues to serve in law enforcement.