NCP-3 – Negative Cant Plate Version 3

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The Negative Cant Plate 3 allows the adjustment of any Safariland pattern holster through approximately 25° of negative cant, optimizing the efficiency of the handgun draw stroke.

The third generation of this product is significantly reduced in profile and weight.

When paired with the optional Holster Accessory Mount (HAM), the NCP3 adds a low-profile mounting platform on the front of the holster body with a hole pattern compatible with a wide range of tourniquet pouches and other accessories.

The installation video found here (similar to NCP2) offers further explanation of the functioning of the NCP3.

Tourniquet holder, tourniquet, holster, firearm, and belt are not included

*Canada ORDERS – Please use link below*

  • Machined from aluminum 6061.
  • Weighs 20.00g / 0.71oz.
  • Adds 4.379mm / 0.175” depth to holster assembly.
  • Raises holster ride height by 10mm / 0.395”.
  • Type III hard anodized finish.
  • Laser Engraved Markings
  • Made in Canada
    • Increased range of adjustment. Offers 25° of continuous negative adjustment from the factory 10°, rearward to around -15°. Reduce the OEM angle, stop at 0° or put the time in to find your ideal configuration.
    • Not reliant on a QLS fork setup. Can be mounted directly to the Universal Belt Loop if needed.
    • Ambidextrous.
    • Designed to be used in conjunction with the Holster Accessory Mount for mounting additional equipment or pouches.
    • Compatible with all known Safariland three-hole pattern holsters.
    • Supplied with all required custom hardware (May vary from picture).
  • Designed by The_Theory_Police and Black Box Customs

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7 comments on “NCP-3 – Negative Cant Plate Version 3”

  1. Stanford H. says:

    This has improved my draw tremendously! The forward cant on the Safariland holsters is more of an inhibitor to a natural draw than I even realized. This is a revolutionary tool to increase your performance.

  2. Jason Guy says:

    Great piece of equipment, provides the perfect cant, fast shipping easy company to order from.

  3. Justin Freeman says:

    Can’t comment on the durability quite yet as I’ve only had the ncp3 for a few days. It does however seem very well made. It works extremely well at giving a great cant. Fantastic so far for dry fire from holster.

  4. Nathaniel Morrison says:

    Great product and fixed the obnoxious forward cant of my holster! Only complaint that have is that couldn’t find in the instructions or in the video to explain where the washers went and had initially installed them between the plate and belt loop. After having it on and doing a few practice draws and holster was rotating moved them between plate and holster and hasn’t moved since.

  5. Frank S. says:

    Great experience from start to finish. Y’all guys kick ass! Epic.

  6. Michael M. says:
  7. Joseph says:

    Fantastic piece of equipment for my safariland 6k series holster. Brings the negative cant far back enough to get an ideal draw stroke for my body mechanics, with plenty more adjustability remaining if things change as I age. Super easy installation too.

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