SWAT Jesus T-Shirt


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Shirt is Next Level style #6010 in Gray.

We believe the SWAT Jesus shirt testimonials speak for themselves:

“It’s like a pair of shorts…but for my chest” – Random SWAT Guy

“I was walking along the beach while wearing the SWAT Jesus shirt. Looking back, I noticed only one pair of foot prints… I mean, my wife had divorced me and taken the kids several weeks ago, and that’s probably the reason for the single set of tracks…but I like to think it’s the shirt that’s carrying me.” – Retired Detective

“During our extensive ballistic research we found the SWAT Jesus shirt actually has a Level III NIJ rating *when worn in conjunction with a Level III NIJ rated stand alone plate*” – Some CSI Nerd

“SWAT Jesus? Yeah that dude and I go waaaaaaay back. He actually carried a .46 on duty and had all the lumens…what a crazy hombre.” – Grumpy Old Sergeant

We all have our own SWAT Jesus stories, tales and magical encounters… what’s yours?

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