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Hat is Headmost ODMC in black now with your choice of a full-color Centrifuge Training patch sewn on or the ever classic black & version.

Looking to cure your infertility? Ever heard of the Humbler Drill? Pfft! More like the Easy Drill! Secretly waging a war on backne? Hoping to reach USPSA GM in 4 easy range sessions? Off work a patrol shift and don’t want to get shot in the face? Say no more fam!

Actually, this hat will not help with any of those things. But it is rad and comfortable and I dig it, so I’m offering them to all my internet friends. It’s a one-size fits all (unless you’re some kind of weirdo with a weirdo head size in which case please stay away as it may be contagious).  Price includes tax, title, license, and registration.

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Black & White, Orange

35 comments on “Centrifuge Training Hat”

  1. Jason A. says:

    Fast delivery!!

  2. Zach Dezarn says:
  3. Shawn Fleming says:

    You guys ROCK!!!

  4. Robert says:

    Excellent product!! It is exactly what I was wanting in a range/casual hat.

  5. Nathan says:

    My new favorite hat. My mom loves it too…weird

  6. Jeff M. says:

    The most comfortable hat I own. Purchased a second one. Easy ordering and fast delivery!

  7. Jorden B. says:

    my favorite hat

  8. Bobby Nichols says:
  9. Alex Olivier says:
  10. BENJAMIN WOLOD says:

    Great hat, great fit!

  11. Steven W. says:

    Hat fits great, comfortable right away and bill holds a nice curve with minimal effort.

  12. Giuseppe says:

    Amazing hat! Very comfortable and well made.

  13. Ian Y. says:

    Best fitting hat I own, thanks!!!!

  14. Jason B. says:

    Great hat, super comfortable.

  15. Clif R. says:
  16. Anthony Noto says:
  17. Derek Weston says:

    Awesome Service as always. Hat is great quality and fit. Will order again soon I’m sure.

  18. Lucas Meyer says:
  19. Connor O. says:

    My new favorite hat. It looks classy and feels like quality.

  20. Joe K. says:

    One of the best hats right out of the box. Easily my new everyday hat.

  21. Daniel Ticali says:

    3rd one. I gotta stop losing them, or letting haters steal them and run off with them….

  22. Darren says:

    It’s a hat. I dig it.

  23. jason s. says:

    The hat is sloppy. Too much material in a non structured hat

  24. Tim Troup says:

    Literally the most comfortable hat I own.

  25. Tj Gonzalez says:
  26. Dave D. says:

    This hat is the balls! Comfortable, adjustable, lightweight and worn in. Exactly what a range/everyday bay should be.

  27. Matthew Zuniga says:
  28. Kyle G. says:

    Love the hat. This is my second one cause it fits perfect.

  29. Shannon West says:

    Great hat! Great training company!

  30. Anonymous says:

    Love the fit and structure, It’s a quality hat. The patch is stitched very well with no loose threads… threw it in the washing machine and it’s holding up still like new.

  31. Michael M. says:

    Great hat overall. I dig the colors and will proudly represent Centrifuge Training. Solid AF👍🏼🇺🇸💯

  32. Sean W. says:

    Despite being audible promised this would fix my club feet, it did not. I am still going to rub them on my toes every night as prescribed, but I am not holding out hope.

  33. Enoch says:

    Greatest hat ever. Men want to be you, Women want you. It makes your “thing” bigger, no joke. I have an actual hat that Will Petty wore on his head during the hottest weather ever recorded in a VCQB course. So sometimes when I get sad, I smell the hat and his musk fills me with his VCQB-ness.

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