Centrifuge Training Hat


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Hat is Headmost ODMC in black with a full color Centrifuge Training patch sewn on.

Looking to cure your infertility? Ever heard of the Humbler Drill? Pfft! More like the Easy Drill! Secretly waging a war on backne? Hoping to reach USPSA GM in 4 easy range sessions? Off work a patrol shift and don’t want to get shot in the face? Say no more fam!

Actually, this hat will not help with any of those things. But it is rad and comfortable and I dig it, so I’m offering them to all my internet friends. It’s a one-size fits all (unless you’re some kind of weirdo with a weirdo head size in which case please stay away as it may be contagious). Usually ships same week or 3-5 business days and it is state side only. Yeah I know I’m a big deal in TAIWAN but you dudes are going to have to just slow your roll as it’s ‘Merica only around here. Price includes tax, title, license, and registration.