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The Centrifuge Training Sling 2.0 is our take on how to deal with working the carbine in a compressed environment to prevent it from getting hung up on anything. From rapid deployment out of a vehicle to backpack storage, the injection-molded sling retention system keeps the sling tight to the carbine without interfering with the controls or operation of the weapon. To deploy the sling into all of its two-point glory, simply pull back on the slider, releasing the storage tension, and you’re ready to go to work. Polymer construction of all hardware keeps the strength of the previous aluminum design while providing better lockup on the sling’s nylon webbing. The sling retention hook lays flat against the webbing so you don’t end up with a stage 5 clinger while trying to do good work.

– Durable nylon webbing
– Minimalist padding design
– Injection-molded polymer hardware
– Adjustments made easy for gloved hands with enhanced controls
– Sling retention system that keeps the sling stored flat, out of the way, while still providing access to all of the carbine’s controls and not interfering with the cycle of operation

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Black, Coyote (brown/tan), Grey, Multi-Cam, Multi-Cam Black, Ranger Green

53 comments on “Centrifuge Training Sling”

  1. Jesus S. says:

    This sling is awesome. I had been waiting on Will to release it. I like how you can stow it without the need of bands and how easily it can be deployed.

  2. Michael Lyczynski says:

    I have been using the original centerfuge sling for over a year and it works great. I have always wanted another sling, but they have been out of stock, so when version 2.0 was released I ordered two immediately. Although I have not used the new sling yet, I expect the improvements that were made to exceed my requirements.

  3. Hunter says:

    Love the sling, but didn’t know it came with no attachments to attach it to rifle (IE QDs) and had to order them separate. Not a huge deal just took longer for me to make it operational for my rifle. No issues with sling itself, works great.

  4. Diego F. says:

    Fast shipping, quality product.

  5. Andy L. says:

    Long wait for release but I think it’s worth it. Pretty sweet so far! Thank you!

  6. james elliis says:

    Fast shipping, good communication, great product.

  7. Jason B. says:

    Great sling for a patrol rifle. Cant beat the sling Managment system. Good price and fast shipping.

  8. Nicholas R. says:

    Simple and easy to use, keeps the sling stowed nicely until it needs to be deployed. This is a must if you are in vehicles, great work Centrifuge.

  9. Joshua B. says:

    I really like this sling and it’s functionality. However, the majority of the parts are plastic which is a concern for me.

  10. David says:

    Prompt shipping and exactly as advertised.

  11. Joshua L. says:

    I like the tweaks made from the first generation. Easy install as always, running it at training this next week, excited to see how it functions.

  12. Mike O. says:

    Awesome concept that works. Thanks to Will and everyone at Centrifuge for providing a great product and training.

  13. John Antignano says:

    I’m happy to support your company but I’m disappointed in the sling. I bought It because I really liked your original sling with the metal tension fastener and hook. I’m not a fan of the new plastic pieces. The length of the sling is pretty extreme. I’ve had to cut a lot of it and burn the ends. I’m still unable to get it fastened tightly to the rifle.

  14. Tyler Geertsen says:

    I was disappointed in the sling. It’s well made but it is very long, too long in my opinion. I was also disappointed in the 1” material. It’s very flimsy and is almost always twisted up. The g hook is cool though

  15. Luke D. says:

    Easy to use and deploy. I only had the chance to practice a few times before I ended up using it on the road. No issues and it gets smoother each time I use it. Already recommended to others in my agency and will be putting one on each of my rifles.

  16. Juan Balderas says:

    Awesome sling! Wanted it for a while but, since I’m left handed, I figured it wouldn’t work for me. Shout out to Dan Smith from Centrifuge for making a video on how I could set it up. Absolutely no ragrets and I’ll definitely be recommending it to thy rest of my department.

  17. Connor O. says:

    Seems in all respects to be a quality product. It’s a bit thinner than traditional military slings but that’s probably just to make it easier to fold. A good sling, I would recommend it.

  18. Andy A. says:

    Good design, fast service, great training.

  19. Davin says:

    Great sling. Just enough padding and the retention for stowing the sling works as advertised.

  20. Mike Duff says:

    Solid sling. Excellent design. V2 is an improvement over the original (which I still use)

  21. Anonymous says:

    Great sling. Durable material and the design is perfect for compressed environments.

  22. Frank Cobas says:

    Paid a pretty penny and I still have to go out a buy the swivels to attach to AR 15. All this should be included in the sling

  23. Dustin says:

    Best work rifle sling ever!!

  24. Austin says:

    A well thought out product, quick shipping from a company that is thinking through what the industry really needs. I can’t recommend Centrifuge Training enough!

  25. Jaime Montoya says:

    Excellent customer service!! Will be buying again in the future!!

  26. Greg L. says:

    Simply awesome!

  27. Dustin T Painter says:

    Centrifuge training sling. Not marketed very well. I do not recommend this sling. Not comfortable at all nor does it work as described if your a smaller build. As smaller build types tighten down the sling the g hook does not lock in the correct place resulting in the sling not staying locked in place. The alternative is to lock it in the correct placement and adjust it prior to putting it on. So I guess I’m going back to ranger bands and a Haley sling.

  28. Josiah C. says:

    Love the sling. Retains nice and tight. My only problem is the set up. Had to figure it out myself.

  29. Daniel G. says:

    It feels thin compared to other slings I have

  30. Adam says:

    Used the sling the next day after getting it in the mail. Utilized this sling on a felony traffic stop and it kept my patrol carbine free of snag hazards and allowed me to deploy it in seconds and be ready to work. After clearing the vehicle with the sling stowed, I was able to put it into its 2-point configuration and go hands on with the suspect without getting racked in dangus or knees, tight and close to the body. The Pull Up, Pop Out, is strong with this sling.

  31. Robert E. says:

    Great product. Love the stowaway capability.

  32. Luke Wilson says:
  33. Leon Henderson says:
  34. Anonymous says:

    Best sling ever. Stores perfect in my patrol rack.

  35. Anonymous says:
  36. Jason Guy says:

    I put this sling on my work gun, makes securing the gun and sling in the car a nice neat package. Highly recommended for work or home defense!!

  37. Joshua W. says:

    Love the sling will be getting one for every rifle. Very easy to use and like that it stows away cleanly

  38. Anonymous says:

    Great product! Everything a two-point sling needs. Keeping the extra material tight to the rifle while being able to be deployed in seconds.

  39. Lorie says:

    Website was easy to navigate and product arrived quickly

  40. Christian Perez says:

    Quick shipping great product. 4th sling Iv gotten all my duty guns use them.

  41. JASON A. says:

    Good quality sling, bought it mostly for storage purposes and sling management ( did want to deal with rubber bands to hold it together). Will put it to the test soon. It would be great though to have a more in depth setup video for some folks ( sling too large, different ways you can loop around, pros and cons, etc). I rather hear from the actual company than third party users/reviewers ( personal preference, not bashing reviews)

  42. Michael M. says:

    Solid AF

  43. Andrew says:

    Comfortable and well constructed sling. Currently using it on my duty rifle and I have no complaints.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Sling seems to be constructed well though it hasn’t been field tested yet.

    In the future please include instructions and or instructional videos for instillation setup.

  45. Anonymous says:
  46. Derek S. says:

    Great sling. Love the sling retention system. It takes care of having a sling being in the way, I have always used ranger bands and this is far easier to deploy. Could have used a diagram or instructions though, my buckles were delivered backwards and upside down and it took me a while to sort out.

  47. Nick Hassebrock says:

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