Course Duration: 1 Day

Course Requirements: Open Enrollment
Prerequisite: You must have taken and completed VCQB® or VCQB® Instructor within the last 12 months

This course will start in the afternoon and run into the evening. Times TBA for each individual class. 

All tactics must work when opposed.  This is the corner stone of VCQB and all course material at Centrifuge Training.  The opposed variant class puts what you've learned to work against moving, fighting force on force role players.  Like all of our courses, this is a problem solving endeavor as students navigate shoot / no shoot scenarios, immersive low light drills and med work in a fast paced, vehicle centric class. 

Required Equipment:

  • 250 Rounds NLTA Ammunition
  • UTM conversion platforms for handguns will be provided. *Please be aware that we ONLY have conversions for UTM ammunition and you will need to bring your own if you are using something else.
  • We will provide PPE, but if you prefer not to share with other students, please bring your own.
  • Long sleeve "BDU" style shirt, gloves and clear eye pro
  • Daily holster and flashlight (with extra set of batteries)
  • Chest seal and wound packing gauze in addition to your personal range ifak.  We will have training TQs on site.
  • Climate suitable clothing, water and note taking material

If you have any questions about the course, the prerequisites or what is recommended please do not hesitate to ask us.