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SWAT Jesus is back. This time in sticker form.

We all have our own SWAT Jesus stories, tales and magical encounters… what’s yours?

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9 comments on “SWAT Jesus Sticker”

  1. Marc N. says:

    Fantastic products! Had an issue placing my order, but Cait was on top of it and got it squared away. She’s the best!

  2. Blake Osborne says:

    I a professional role player, I rely on swatty J so much. He is always there for me! I can call on him like I called on your MOM, and know she/swat J will always be there! Awesome quality sticker!

  3. Colton Parchem says:
  4. Carl says:

    Now he watcheth over me always. Seriously though. It’s a quality slap.

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