SWAT Jesus Patch

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SWAT Jesus is back. This time in patch form.

We all have our own SWAT Jesus stories, tales and magical encounters… what’s yours?

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13 comments on “SWAT Jesus Patch”

  1. Mark Baldwin says:

    Best dam patch ever!

  2. Joseph Gross says:
  3. Cody Dubberley says:

    First night with SWAT Jesus on my plate carrier and I was just walking criminals into handcuffs

  4. Kelly Coffin says:
  5. Eric C. says:

    Fits great on a plate carrier. Can’t wait for the brass to notice.

  6. Steven W. says:

    Swatty J in patch form. Win.

  7. McKinley says:

    Swat Jesus sees all.

  8. Raul Rodriguez says:
  9. Anonymous says:
  10. Anonymous says:

    Much larger than I expected, I didn’t read the description. Awesome patch

  11. Jared S. says:

    Best Jesus is swat Jesus.

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