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TuckStrut hardware kit to upgrade existing holsters

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The PHLster TuckStrut is our first venture into OEM hardware. Designed for our line of Gen2 Skeleton holsters and standard equipment on all current PHLster holsters, the TuckStrut retrofit kit is backwards-compatible with any PHLster IWB holster with a removable strut or clip, as well as compatible with many other existing non-PHLster products.

The TuckStrut features a short, but effective, integrated grip-tucking wing which will claw the pistol grip into the body to reduce printing, while still allowing for a fast, comfortable, and positive firing grip on the draw. The strut is reinforced against deformation and fracture, featuring a full perimeter lip to shroud hardware as well as resist the kinds of strut and clip fractures which tend to occur at the point of mounting. Additionally, the wing is reinforced against torque and deformation with substantial horizontal ribs.

The TuckStrut is adjustable for ride-height (via the slots at both ends of the strut) and is adjustable for angle, allowing you to position the strut to obtain your desired draw and hand clearance.

To install the retrofit kit on your existing PHLster holster, simply remove all of the currently installed hardware from your holster (you won’t need any of it for the installation), remove the 1-inch oval-head screws from the retrofit kit and install them through the eyelets of the holster, such that the oval head is in contact with the eyelet. Slide the slotted spacer onto the screws, such that the eyelets nest into the collar of the spacer, place the strut on the spacer, such that the spacer nests into the lip of the strut, and then then place the posts through the face of the strut, such that their wide collar engages the face of the strut. Installing it in reverse, such that the SCREWS engage the face of the strut will damage the plastic. Please refer to this video for installation instructions:

Be sure to use blue thread locking compound to secure your hardware, once your installation and adjustments are finalized.

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