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Dissatisfaction with the unergonomic factory forward cant of the Safariland duty holsters led to the methodical evaluation of the optimal fore-aft positioning (cant) of the holster in relation to the belt attachment.

The second-generation Negative Cant Plate (NCP2) builds on the original products and offers the following features:

  • Increased range of adjustment. Offers 25° of continuous negative adjustment from the factory 10°, rearward to around -15°. Reduce the OEM angle, stop at 0° or put the time in to find your ideal configuration.
  • Not reliant on a QLS fork setup. Can be mounted directly to the Universal Belt Loop if needed.
  • Two-piece design when used in conjunction with optional Accessory Mount.
  • Machined from aluminum 6061.
  • Weighs 50g / 1.7oz.
  • Adds 7.62mm / 0.3” depth to holster assembly.
  • Raises holster ride height by 10mm / 0.395”.
  • Compatible with all known Safariland three hole pattern holsters.
  • Coated with Cerakote.
  • Supplied with all required custom hardware (May vary from picture).

When paired with the optional NCP2 Accessory Mount or a Holster Accessory Mount (HAM), the NCP2 adds a low profile mounting platform on the front of the holster body with a hole pattern compatible with a wide range of tourniquet pouches and other accessories.

The installation video found here offers further explanation of the functioning of the NCP2.

Canadian customers please purchase yours HERE. 

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102 comments on “Negative Cant Plate version 2 (NCP2) – Holster Plate”

  1. Chris says:

    Solid construction and love the ability to adjust the cant. Definitely a positive upgrade to any duty or competition rig. Great product!

  2. James Greathouse says:

    Just finished installing it and hitting the range soon to put it through it’s paces before using it on patrol. Dry fire exercises have felt great.

  3. Cameron G. says:

    This is a game changer. Plenty of adjustability to customize the cant of your holster to whatever you’d like. I like mine straight up and down.

  4. Jeremy H. says:
  5. Anonymous says:
  6. Cory L. says:

    Above and beyond my expectations, from how fast my email was asking if the NCP2 was in stock to how quick I recieved a tracking number after ordering it.

  7. Greg Palacios says:
  8. David Acosta says:

    G E N I U S Level Ingenuity

  9. GERID ARDWIN says:

    Solid by design and simple to use, it’s easy to see that the NCP2 is “duty rated”. I feel like my holster will break
    long before this thing lets go or fails. It does what it says it will, straighten that safariland up folks! Pick up an NCP2!

  10. Joshua C. says:

    With the setup it was easy to install and find the proper personal preference for cant on the holster. Game changer. Thank you.

  11. Mark H. says:

    Does exactly what it says and very well at that. Assembly was easy. It’s amazing how something as simple as holster cant can completely make or break your draw stroke. Definitely recommend. Fast shipping as well!

  12. Aaron R. says:

    Solid piece of gear

  13. Daniel D. says:

    Awesome piece of kit, video on website made installation a breeze. Thanks for all you do!

  14. Darren says:

    Great product and the negative cant has made my draw faster and easier.

  15. Robert S. says:

    This is a game changer for duty holsters
    helped unbelievably w a consistent draw and helping in consistent target acquisition. Five stars all the way!

  16. Micah H. says:

    Best thing since sliced bread! Perhaps 2nd to the Nub Mod or a tie… Fix the dumb Safariland angle, and run whatever angle YOU, the user, want.

  17. James Holland says:

    Range of adjustment is insane especially paired with the QLS you can’t beat this.

  18. Jarrod M. says:

    The fellas at Ravenwing Limited reccomended and I couldn’t be happier. Customize able corrections to the cant on the Safarliands is fantastic.

  19. Alexander says:
  20. Seth K. says:
  21. Anonymous says:

    Awesome piece of equipment, love the adjustability

  22. Anonymous says:

    Excellent holster attachment! The canting really helps and the TQ attachment is awesome. This version is better than the first.

  23. Anonymous says:
  24. Jose Pagan says:

    Item works well giving some good cant/angle options and order/delivery was fast. Very pleased!

  25. Craig Kootstra says:
  26. Brian S. says:

    Definitely helps out with the stock cant that comes with Safariland Holsters. Seems indestructible

  27. Martin M. says:

    So much easier and faster to draw. Awesome mod.

  28. Csaba H. says:

    Excellent product and great customer service. Fast shipping and up to date order tracking. Definitely will order from Centrifuge again

  29. Jose Santos says:
  30. Charles Vaughn says:

    Amazing product

  31. Robert S. says:

    Very well built and intuitive. Actually had more adjustment than I would have thought. It seems thick and I worried it may push the holster off my body to much. But it isn’t bad once installed. The combination of space off the belt and choosing draw angle really gave me the ability to smooth out my draw. It makes it more natural and less micro adjustments on the draw stroke. Overall I became faster cause it’s a more natural motion now. For the price this is one of the best investments I’ve made for my duty gear.

  32. Mason S. says:

    Amazing product can’t say enough good things about this company, their training, and their products.

  33. Adam Schermerhorn says:

    Great product. Absolute must for Safariland products

  34. Daniel D. says:

    A fix for a problem I didn’t know existed. However, my draw is now much more efficient. Well designed and built. Won’t go back to a standard Safariland cant ever again.

  35. Richard S. says:
  36. Willie Cross says:

    This product for my safariland holster perfectly, it was easy to mount, adjust & has amazing functionality. After ordering this product, the shipping was almost instant & I received this product in the condition I was promised, glad I purchased this cant plate.

  37. Thomas Carlson says:

    Seems sturdy and gets rid of ridiculous forward cant.

  38. Christian C. says:

    Great product.

  39. Jose B. says:

    Fast shipping, easy install. Works as described.

  40. Michael Dowling says:
  41. Anonymous says:

    A must have upgrade for your holster set-up. The additional ability to cant your holster improves personal weapon draw and presentation.

  42. Jake says:

    Love it so much I bought another one. This plate is an ergonomics game changer, 100% worth every penny!

  43. Derek T. says:
  44. Jose says:

    I bought two and told friends Ian Tashima, Dave Maciel, and Daniel Horner about your product.

    Your NCP2 makes the 6390RDS (for M17 & M18 service pistols) ready for US Army application.

    To Black Box Customs: you’re poised to dominate the market. Look at True North Concepts MHA and G CODE GCA200 & RTI Wheel.

    Design a single streamlined product blending key design elements of NCP2, MHA, GCA200, AND RTI WHEEL to optimally mount the 6390RDS.
    If you can do that, you’ll likely win a fat that, DoD contract.

    Your NCP2 is evidence of your outstanding design engineering.

    Keep Going Boys!!!

  45. courtney feehan says:
  46. Peter Kapeluck says:

    So glad another officer shared your website. I hate a forward cant and absolutely love being able to have a vertical draw from my pistol. Order was processed quickly and was shipped and arrived quickly as well.

  47. Tim M. says:

    Great piece of kit, easy to install and super adjustable! Highly recommended!!

  48. Gustavo Montesdeoca says:

    It looks so sleek and nice. Packaging was superb. Will highly recommend !

  49. Zachary B. says:

    Fantastic product with superb quality, works just as advertised. Installation is quick and simple, and the instruction video is very easy to follow.

  50. Anthony Calogero says:
  51. Jonathan P. says:

    Assembly wasn’t to difficult very well built however I should’ve just bought the NCP-E. I do understand the reason for this product because it can be expanded at a later date to accept the accessory mount.

  52. Anonymous says:
  53. Anonymous says:
  54. Katelynn says:
  55. Frank says:

    Easy purchase…fast shipping.

  56. Edgar Vallejo says:

    great product

  57. Anonymous says:

    Fast, Easy & Cheap just like my exgf

  58. John R. says:

    Put this on Safariland duty holster. Makes a world of difference when holstering/unholstering. Perfect!!

  59. Johnathan B. says:

    Immediate noticeable difference in comfortable and draw stroke. Feels natural.

  60. Alex says:

    An excellent addition to the Safariland holster. Easy to install and provides a wide range of cant options. Department does not allow negative cant but at least I can eliminate the nonsensical forward cant and get a more natural draw.

  61. Christopher S. says:

    Shipped super fast, installed really easily, and I have to say works. It is super solid and allows for all kinds of adjustment. I assure you that you need one of these.

  62. Lou Williams says:

    great product well designed

  63. Harold L. says:

    Great piece of kit!

  64. trey says:

    Drawing my weapon now has a smooth and more natural feel. I am very pleased with this product and have recommended it to my coworkers. This is a fantastic piece of equipment and I will recommend it to anyone looking to improve their set up.

  65. dennis funari says:

    Received it quickly

  66. Grant Y. says:

    Works very well, solid mounting system. I love the extreme negative cant.

  67. Anonymous says:

    Very high quality. Easy install. Fixes the cant issue to get the right draw stroke.

  68. Tyler says:

    Bolts right up and allows for plenty of forward or rearward cant. Works great.

  69. Cameron says:

    Great concept and well made

  70. Scot LaRose says:

    Fast service, good product

  71. chuck Smith says:

    Well constructed, easy installation, and for it’s intended purpose does better than expected.

  72. Shaun P. says:

    Definitely recommend watching the intall video, but it went on perfectly. No complaints!

  73. Jarrod M. says:

    Fantastic piece of kit. A must for running the safariland duty rigs. Quick shipping and clear communications.

  74. Darren says:

    Hands down the best solution to the “cant” issue. Installed in minutes and was on the range the next day.

  75. Adam H. says:

    Super fast shipping and the dudes helped me configure my holster set up super easy

  76. Sean B. says:

    Great accessory and shipped quickly!

  77. Benjamin Sanchez says:

    The negative cant allows for straighter, smoother draw. I love this set up and definitely will recommend this set up to all of my coworkers.

  78. Matthew M. says:
  79. Michael says:

    Fast shipping and the product delivers exactly what it says it will. Couldn’t be happier. Really helps to relive my injuries to my shoulder on the draw stroke.

  80. Daniel G. says:
  81. Kristopher L. says:

    I think this is going to be great

  82. Alec says:

    Wish it came with installation directions

  83. Blake says:

    Works great let’s me adjust the holster to the cant that is most comfortable for me, only downside I found was with the Safariland QLS fork it moved the holster even further out from the body,which was too far for me, so I just removed my qls.


    Love being able to adjust the cant on my holster due to a wrist injury. This is the cats a**!

  85. Mike G. says:

    Excellent design to mitigate OEM cant. Highly recommend. Shipping happened faster than a mag dump.

  86. Alan H. says:

    Excellent product! Quality construction! Quality design!

  87. John R. says:

    Extremely well made piece of equipment. Eliminates that horrible Safariland forward cant, making drawing and re-holstering so much smoother and easier.

  88. Anonymous says:
  89. Tyler M. says:
  90. Daniel G. says:
  91. Christopher M. says:
  92. Anonymous says:
  93. Brendon N. says:
  94. Thomas Haskins says:

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