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Dissatisfaction with the unergonomic factory forward cant of the Safariland duty holsters led to the methodical evaluation of the optimal fore-aft positioning (cant) of the holster in relation to the belt attachment.

The second-generation Negative Cant Plate (NCP2) builds on the original products and offers the following features:

  • Increased range of adjustment. Offers 25° of continuous negative adjustment from the factory 10°, rearward to around -15°. Reduce the OEM angle, stop at 0° or put the time in to find your ideal configuration.
  • Not reliant on a QLS fork setup. Can be mounted directly to the Universal Belt Loop if needed.
  • Two-piece design when used in conjunction with optional Accessory Mount.
  • Machined from aluminum 6061.
  • Weighs 50g / 1.7oz.
  • Adds 7.62mm / 0.3” depth to holster assembly.
  • Raises holster ride height by 10mm / 0.395”.
  • Compatible with all known Safariland three hole pattern holsters.
  • Coated with Cerakote.
  • Supplied with all required custom hardware (May vary from picture).

When paired with the optional NCP2 Accessory Mount or a Holster Accessory Mount (HAM), the NCP2 adds a low profile mounting platform on the front of the holster body with a hole pattern compatible with a wide range of tourniquet pouches and other accessories.

The installation video found here offers further explanation of the functioning of the NCP2.

Canadian customers please purchase yours HERE. 

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21 comments on “Negative Cant Plate version 2 (NCP2) – Holster Plate”

  1. Chris says:

    Solid construction and love the ability to adjust the cant. Definitely a positive upgrade to any duty or competition rig. Great product!

  2. James Greathouse says:

    Just finished installing it and hitting the range soon to put it through it’s paces before using it on patrol. Dry fire exercises have felt great.

  3. Cameron G. says:

    This is a game changer. Plenty of adjustability to customize the cant of your holster to whatever you’d like. I like mine straight up and down.

  4. Jeremy H. says:
  5. Anonymous says:
  6. Cory L. says:

    Above and beyond my expectations, from how fast my email was asking if the NCP2 was in stock to how quick I recieved a tracking number after ordering it.

  7. Greg Palacios says:
  8. David Acosta says:

    G E N I U S Level Ingenuity

  9. GERID ARDWIN says:

    Solid by design and simple to use, it’s easy to see that the NCP2 is “duty rated”. I feel like my holster will break
    long before this thing lets go or fails. It does what it says it will, straighten that safariland up folks! Pick up an NCP2!

  10. Joshua C. says:

    With the setup it was easy to install and find the proper personal preference for cant on the holster. Game changer. Thank you.

  11. Mark H. says:

    Does exactly what it says and very well at that. Assembly was easy. It’s amazing how something as simple as holster cant can completely make or break your draw stroke. Definitely recommend. Fast shipping as well!

  12. Aaron R. says:

    Solid piece of gear

  13. Daniel D. says:

    Awesome piece of kit, video on website made installation a breeze. Thanks for all you do!

  14. Darren says:

    Great product and the negative cant has made my draw faster and easier.

  15. Robert S. says:

    This is a game changer for duty holsters
    helped unbelievably w a consistent draw and helping in consistent target acquisition. Five stars all the way!

  16. Micah H. says:

    Best thing since sliced bread! Perhaps 2nd to the Nub Mod or a tie… Fix the dumb Safariland angle, and run whatever angle YOU, the user, want.

  17. James Holland says:

    Range of adjustment is insane especially paired with the QLS you can’t beat this.

  18. Jarrod M. says:

    The fellas at Ravenwing Limited reccomended and I couldn’t be happier. Customize able corrections to the cant on the Safarliands is fantastic.

  19. Alexander says:

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