Negative Cant Plate version 2 (NCP2) – Accessory Mount

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Note: this Accessory Mount is an optional add on that pairs with the NCP2 Holster Plate. For an option that does not rely on the NCP2 Holster Plate, please see the separate Holster Accessory Mount.

  • Allows for the addition of a tourniquet or other accessory to be mounted on the front face of your holster body, a location easily accessible with both hands.
  • Mounting surface works in conjunction with Bladetech hole patterned accessories, Safariland ELS, Magpul MLOK, or MOLLE.
  • Two-piece system in conjunction with the NCP2 Holster Plate.
  • Pivots and telescopes before being secured in place, leaving no gap between the front of the holster and your tourniquet.
  • Ambidextrous.
  • 316 stainless steel.
  • Coated with Cerkote.
  • Supplied with all required custom hardware (May vary from picture).

This Accessory Mount is designed and priced as a semi sacrificial piece, intentionally weaker than the NCP2 Holster Plate so that excessive external forces are not transferred to the holster attachment. Over time the Accessory Mount may need to be replaced but the Holster Plate will not.

Should you wish to utilize an attachment that will not exhibit this breakaway characteristic, the Holster Accessory Mount (HAM) will work with the NCP2 Holster plate or in a standalone capacity.

Canadian customers, please purchase yours HERE. 

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4 comments on “Negative Cant Plate version 2 (NCP2) – Accessory Mount”

  1. Chris says:

    Won’t setup my holsters with one from now on! Great place to put you TQ!

  2. James Greathouse says:

    Glad to get the tourniquet off my duty belt so it stops eating up my uniform sleeve. Some officers set up their tourniquet improperly to keep their uniform from being frayed and this is a great option to keep them from doing that.

  3. Cameron G. says:

    Fit and finish on this is perfect. Smooth edges, no snag points.

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