Centrifuge Training TQ Bracket by RDR Gear


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The Centrifuge Training TQ bracket manufactured by RDR Gear. Designed to maximize belt space while keeping the TQ readily visible and accessible bilaterally. If you work patrol, or want an additional TQ… you get it. No modifications are necessary to the Safariland holster or the Eleven 10 Rigid TQ Case.

The standard sized bracket was designed to accommodate Glock 19 / 17 / 22 / 21, Smith & Wesson M&P 4.25 light bearing holsters, and other like sized ALS holsters. It will NOT accommodate Glock 34 / 35 holsters, 7 series holsters, SLS only holsters or RDS holsters (we are working on it).

The Centrifuge Training TQ bracket does not include the TQ case, TQ, holster, installation tools, or emotional support. Cost includes shipping.


– Remove the belt attachment from the rear of the TQ case. The screws you now have in your hand will attach the TQ case to the bracket. Personally I blue loctite all my stuff.
– If you are running a hooded holster mount the TQ case lower on the bracket to allow clearance, making sure your TQ is fully seated in it’s case.
– The screw that comes with our bracket replaces the ALS screw at the top of the Safariland holster, mounting the bracket. The rubber grommet we provided is placed between the bracket and the holster and is secured via the ALS screw.
– The Bio Thane strap of the bracket, contours the bottom of the holster. Remove the screw and female portion. Use the same screw you just removed and replace the female portion with the longer one we provided. Yes, I know we shipped you an extra female portion… if you cross thread it you have an extra. We are pretty rad like that.

There are literally like 5 pieces we are shipping you and only 1 screw and 1 female that have to be replaced. Please don’t ruin our faith in humanity by not being able to figure this out. You can do it. It’s not open heart surgery… we aren’t asking you to tear out a transmission. We believe in you!

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