Bodies, Barriers & Ballistics Workshop

Course Cost: $500

Course Duration: 2 Days

Course Requirements: Open Enrollment

Bodies, Barriers & Ballistics will be a hands-on experience. Students walk away with a firm understanding of internal, external and terminal ballistic principles which will be taught in a workshop setting. Basic human anatomy as it relates to defensive shooting will be reviewed. Various calibers, types of ammunition and manufactures will be demonstrated (shot) during the class. Barriers and mediums such as muscle and bone, ballistic gelatin, vehicle parts, glass, organic material, clothing, “bullet proof” vests and common construction materials like plywood, sheet-rock and 2x4s will be used during the workshop. Bullets will be extracted from the various materials and examined for weight retention, expansion, deformation and fragmentation. Myths and internet lore will be debunked as the class goes hands on. Students are encouraged to bring department issued or personal defensive rounds, and the corresponding firearms for a critical look at how theirounds are actually performing.


Individual Equipment List:

  • Several duty or defensive rounds and a corresponding weapon systems. Rounds can be handgun, carbine, shotgun and / or subgun. Bring what you want utilized during the demonstrations.
  • Eye protection and ear protection.
  • Notepad and pen.
  • 10 clear plastic sandwich ziplock bags.
  • Black marker
  • Multi tool (Multitasker / Gerber / Leatherman).
  • Water and snacks.

Course Prerequisites:

  • U.S. Citizen.
  • Able to legally own a firearm.
  • Able to demonstrate and employ safe weapons handling during the course.

If you have any questions about the course, the prerequisites or what is recommended please do not hesitate to ask us.