UpcomingScotopic Problem Solver: One Day at Range 35 in Grandview, TX

  • April 4, 2020
    4:00 pm - 11:55 pm

One day Scotopic Problem Solver is an accelerated course focused on scotopic environment manipulation.  Students will push the boundaries of “traditional” low light and no light engagements in true 3D environments.  An in-depth look into weapon and equipment manipulations, human anatomy, principles of light employment and movement will occur both on the range and in the classroom.  Low light myths and status quos will be challenged as the class explore the reality of critical engagements through force on force.  Drills will incorporate threat identification and adverse shooting platforms.

Individual Equipment List:

  • Due to the unique 1 day format students can run EITHER handgun or carbine in class (both are NOT required).  We’ll cover each platform; students will be allowed to mix and match in the drills or just stick to handgun or carbine.
  • Handgun with at least 3 magazines (5 if single stack) and magazine pouch.
  • Holster must attach via the belt (paddle holsters are not allowed). Holsters must provide an active or passive retention device and be able to keep the holster in place while running or moving in and out of awkward positions. No SERPA or Vanguard type holsters.
  • Carbine with sling. A weapon mounted light is strongly recommended. A minimum of 3 magazines and a method to secure them is required. Carbine needs to be zeroed prior to class.
  • 500 rounds handgun OR 500 rounds of carbine (no green tip)
  • CAT or SOF T TQ on your person is mandatory an IFAK is recommended.
  • Cleaning kit and gun lube.
  • Eye protection and electronicear protection.
  • Long sleeve shirt and gloves are mandatory. Knee pads and elbow pads are optional.
  • Full duty belt / tactical loadout / EDC carry (your normal work or carry setup).
  • Handheld flashlight(s), extra batteries and clear eye protection for low light work.
  • Headlamp is strongly recommended.
  • 2 chem lights (any color).
  • Notepad and pen.
  • Multi tool (Multitasker / Gerber / Leatherman).
  • Water and snacks.

Course Prerequisites:

  • U.S. Citizen.
  • Able to legally carry a firearm.
  • Able to demonstrate and employ safe weapons handling during courses of fire.
  • Previous intermediate to advanced firearms training to include courses of fire where movement, barricades, working around others, communicating and adverse shooting positions were addressed.


11641 I-35W Frontage Rd, Grandview, Texas, 76050


This facility charges a $20 per day range fee. Please be prepared to pay this in cash on day one of your course.

Details Price Qty
Full Tuition $200.00 (USD)